Why Anabec?

Better Chemistry. Superior Results.

An Industry Pioneer For Over 26 Years


Anabec is committed to bringing our customers premium products and application knowledge that will advance their business while providing their customers with the peace of mind knowing the products are safe, effective and backed 100% by the manufacturer.


Anabec offers commercial cleaning solutions that work. From commercial all purpose cleaners to commercial disinfectants, we offer it all. Anabec brings to the restoration and cleaning industries a suite of products designed to work in tandem with each other.

Warranty Programs

Anabec recognizes that cleaning, restoration and remediation contractors need reliable partners and proven technology in order for their businesses to thrive. Anabec stands behind our products, our customers and their projects with Mold Remediation and Prevention Warranties as part of the Anabec Advantage Program.


Our team is committed to helping you with your cleaning needs. We have people who know our product line inside and out to provide you all the information you need and how to use it.


We are Anabec’s Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Products’ exclusive suppliers in Canada.

High-quality cleaning products shipped nationwide even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anabec recognizes that cleaning, restoration and remediation contractors need proven technology. We provide trusted commercial products that pioneered the industry for nearly 26 years that can be used on a variety of surfaces, even under the most extreme circumstances and conditions. 

We offer a concise, easy-to-use product lineup and back those products with product warranties and support. 

A Class Apart

Anabec’s Anasphere product has a four stage effect on micro-organisms using changes in surface tension as the basis of their attack.

  1. Anasphere component biocides attack micro-organisms on a surface as soon as the product is applied.
  2. Anasphere then conditions the surfaces such as walls or tables, before additional micro-organisms land, making it more difficult for the micro-organisms to settle on the surface, attach, and reproduce.
  3. When micro-organisms secrete material in an attempt to form a Biofilm, the compounds are all disrupted by the pervading surface tension regime, making it much more difficult for the organisms to form a firm attachment to the surface.
  4. The micro-organisms, in their weakened state, succumb to Anasphere’s residual biocidal action provided by its component biocides. These are not aggressive chemical compounds, but when acting on a micro-organism they cause the organisms’ membrane to burst before it has a chance to reproduce.
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Systematic Cleaning & Surface Protection

Anabec promotes a systematic approach to cleaning and protection of surfaces. Whether it’s mold remediation, biohazard cleanup or institutional cleaning, Anabec has a proven approach to help get the job done. For full Application Information, give us a call. Whether you’re interested in participating in offering warranties, or taking our Anabec training program, we’re here to support you. Also, click here if you have any questions or comments or to find an Anabec Trained Contractor in your area.

Anabec promotes a systematic approach to cleaning and protection of surfaces. We have believed in the “less is best” practice regarding the application of chemicals to surfaces, and our product lineup reflects that philosophy.

Let us know how we can help with your cleaning needs.

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Anabec Canada, a partner of Anabec, is distributor of premium cleaning chemicals. We bring to market a concise, sensible suite of cleaning chemicals that are tailored to fit many applications. Our chemicals are designed to complete the job with the smallest impact on the surroundings and environment.


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