Using the right disinfectant is an important step in the prevention and spread of viruses, such as the Coronavirus, in addition to other simple, but critical aspects such as washing hands and maintaining physical distance. With the spread of this virus worldwide, top health agencies have come up with a list of disinfectants that can be used safely by people to protect themselves. According to some estimates, the COVID-19 virus can survive for several days on some surfaces and a few seconds on some. The life span may vary, but disinfecting regularly-touched surfaces has become a priority for most of us.

Sanitize vs disinfect 

First, let’s understand the difference between the two terms – sanitizing and disinfection. According to the CDC, sanitization refers to lowering the germs on any surface to a public standard safe level. However, disinfecting refers to killing almost 100 percent of germs present on a surface. This can only be done by using chemicals. Disinfecting may not necessarily clean a surface, but it kills germs, thus lowering the risk of any infections.

Best disinfectant spray to avoid Coronavirus

According to common observation, the novel coronavirus is mainly spread through person to person transmission. However, it is also possible that when people touch surfaces contaminated with the virus, it may get spread. This makes it important to disinfect the surfaces touched regularly. Some of the best disinfectant spray Canada options that you can explore can be listed as follows:

  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray: This non-bleach disinfectant spray comes from the quaternary ammonium class of compounds that are gentler on the skin than bleach. They are safe to be used on most of the hard surfaces and produce very few harsh fumes. However, on soft surfaces, it only sanitizes.
  • Lysol Kitchen Pro Antibacterial: This fabric-safe cleaner does not use bleach. It can easily eliminate the coronavirus from hard surfaces in 2 minutes and sanitize the soft surfaces.
  • Bleach-based disinfectants: Bleach based disinfectant eliminates the coronavirus from any hard surface in one minute. However, they cannot be used on soft surfaces as they can damage fabrics and are very harsh on the skin. Proper precautions are to be taken when using them.
  • Hydrogen peroxide disinfectants: Considered by CDC as one of the best disinfectant sprays, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant such as Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms. However, it can only be used on hard surfaces and should be kept away from fabrics. Gloves should be worn when using it.

Be careful to use these disinfectant sprays with proper precautions and ample time. Any carelessness can result in damaging surfaces and dangerous fumes. Even though soap water cuts down the number of germs, disinfection is needed to kill them. Always keep a window open for fumes. Never combine any cleaning or disinfecting products without proper knowledge.