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“Furthermore, the exposure and health benefits associated with a reduction of airborne pollutants – achieved through effective cleaning practices – have been demonstrated in a long-term cleaning effectiveness study, while recent studies collectively indicate that the targeted cleaning of high touch points in schools result in reduced illnesses related to bacterial contamination, reduced sick building syndrome symptoms, and reduced absenteeism due to infectious illness.”
     – ISSA Clean Standard – Measuring the Cleanliness of K-12 Schools

Whether it’s medical facilities, schools, hospitals, or office buildings, proper cleaning is essential in maintaining healthy environments. Proper cleaning, though, is much more than the perceived potency of a product being used; it’s the protocol under which that product is being used and an understanding of how that product and protocol interact to advance an institution’s cleaning goals.

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Our industrial janitorial cleaning supplies and sanitation products are created to provide the cleanest, safest and most sanitary environment possible. We believe in providing products that help create a clean and healthy environment. Whether you are looking for school cleaning products, hospital cleaning products or any other type of medical facility or office cleaning solutions, we will help your create the best cleaning results possible.
Although we are very proud of the effectiveness of our cleaning and disinfection products, we believe they’re most effective when we can work with an institution’s cleaning staff to help them achieve their cleanliness goals. As a member of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute and a certified CIRI Assessor for the Clean Standard K-12, we understand cleaning protocol and can work with you to achieve your institutional cleaning goals.

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Anabec Canada, a partner of Anabec, is distributor of premium cleaning chemicals. We bring to market a concise, sensible suite of cleaning chemicals that are tailored to fit many applications. Our chemicals are designed to complete the job with the smallest impact on the surroundings and environment.


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